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Baltijos manufaktūra, UAB

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Baltijos manufaktūra, UAB

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Due to the unique design, special profile filling and complementary parts of highest standards, we offer long-lasting durable constructions: doors, walls, windows that meet all the highest requirements of fire safety.
For our structures we use special patented aluminium profiles ALUF1RE with fillings and fire-resistant glass. This type of glass ensures the integrity of entire structure as well as its insulating characteristics. If clients request, external fire-screens can be also made from fire-resistant glass units with external glass of various characteristics.
All our fire-resistant structure ALUFIRE have been tested at the Fire Research centres in Poland, Germany and Lithuania; they have valid EU certificates. The products correspond to the following fire classes: E30, E60, EW30, EW60, El 15, EI30, EI45, EI60 and EI120.
Fire-resistant ALUFIRE screens are manufactured by strictly observing the test protocols and Company's standards which meet the highest requirements. Their design and set/package are discussed with our clients.
From now on we can offer El 120 fire resistant glazed walls.
The fire resistant test was successfully made for El 120 partition glazed wall which measures was 2900 mm x 3700 mm at certified laboratory ITB (Poland) on June of 2011. This wall blocked the fire even 133 mini
One vertical side of the wall was without fixing points and large glasses were used for test that is the reason way we can offer largest fire resistant partition glazed walls which area reaches almost 22 sq. m.


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Baltijos manufaktūra, UAB
Sporto g. 10-55 (Žirmūnai), 09238 Vilnius, phone: (+370) 61627735

Baltijos manufaktūra, UAB, atstovas Klaipėdoje
Šilutės pl. 2-535, 91001 Klaipėda, phone: (+370) 68091067