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Fianeta, UAB

P. Vileišio g. 18-267 (Antakalnis), 10306 Vilnius
(+370) 69809109
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I-V 8.00-16.30
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UAB „FIANETA“ company specializes in selling of „PRETTIE GRASS“ artificial grass.
Nanjing Prettie Plastics Co., Ltd is one of china's premier manufacturers and suppliers of artificial grass and artificial grass yarn.
We have a variety of yarn materials and first class professional production lines in the world, which are able to produce 6-70mm pile height, 4m width grass with tufting gauge of 3/4'', 5/8'', 3/8'', 5/16'' ,3/16'', 5/32'' .We not only produce the artificial grass with high quality domestic yarn,but also produce the artificial grass with Tencate Thiolon's yarn such as MSTT,MSPRO and so on. And we produce and sell the artificial grass yarn,including monofilament,curly yarn and fibrillated yarn. Our products have been installed all over the world in more than 60 countries, We believe in both sides winning business and working hard to achieve win-win with customers, partners and our own company staff, thus we have gained a reputation for high quality, competitive price, and good service.
UAB „FIANETA“ is a official distributor of company „PRETTIE GRASS“ in Baltic states.