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Lietuvos didžiosios kunigaikštystės plytinė, MB

Versekos g. 26, Krūminių k., 65474 Varėnos r.

(+370) 62025191

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(+370) 62025191
Gintaras Knieža
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Lietuvos didžiosios kunigaikštystės plytinė, MB

Nowadays bricks are produced by many brick manufacturers. Their bricks are smooth, regular and always the same. How do we differ from other manufacturers?
Well, the fact that we use the same method for the brick and tile manufacture as it was produced in XIV - XIX century makes the difference. We mix the clay, placed in wooden forms and firing kilns in high temperature..
Our bricks are exactly the same as the bricks from which to build the Old Town buildings, so if you prefer that kind of buildings and would like to create something for yourself, do not hesitate and contact us for more information. Colour, quality, and durability - all authentic and have even surface structure. Hand processed technology enables us to produce any shape or size of bricks. Our bricks suit both outdoor and indoor conditions, and withstand fire or stove heat. We not only produce but also try to restore the ancient heritage of the fragments by restoring the production technology.
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