Paieškų šiandien: 7727
demolition works, demolition, building demolition, demolition of walls, construction works, fundament, installation of ...
Šilutės pl. 56, Klaipėda (Affiliates)
(+370) 63535553
common constructive works, finishing, individual houses, wooden houses, log houses, steambaths, pools, pools equipment, ...
Draugystės g. 19, Kaunas
(+370) 68640822
constructive bricks, silicate, ceramic, ceramic, finishing, bricks, bricks, clinker, of gas silicate, blocks, blocks, ...
Rodūnios kelias 11 (Naujininkai), Vilnius (Affiliates)
house building, installation of foundations, masonry work, stonework, roofs, montage of windows, interior finish, ...
Savanorių pr. 124A (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
(+370) 65808777
construction works, finishing works, finish, building, repairs, insulation of walls, insulation of buildings, Thermal ...
Varžupio g. 6, Akademija, Kauno r.
(+370) 67091730
construction works, building, repairs, reconstruction, general constructional works, installation of foundations, new ...
Naglio g. 4A (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas
(+370) 37452348
JSC Statovita was established in 1997. The company specializes on installation of drinking water, sewerage, storm water networks, waste water ...
Mokslininkų g. 11 (Verkiai), Vilnius
(+370) 52729224
house building, construction works, pasive houses, outdoor finish, insulation works, Thermal insulation of facades, ...
Medvalakio g. 24, Palanga (Affiliates)
(+370) 60975000
roofs renovation, building, Roofing, roof covering, repair of roof, Roof covering, roof coating, repair of roof, roof ...
Tulpių g. 38, Karmėlava, Kauno r.
(+370) 60914514
common constructive works, rent of mechanisms, watter supply, of waste, nets, sewerage, wastewater treatment plant, ...
Draugystės g. 8H, Kaunas
(+370) 37451480
construction works, renovation, renovation works, renovation of buildings, plastering, Roofing, facade/exterior ...
Debreceno g. 11-52, Klaipėda
(+370) 64618525
Activities: Flooring, floor, Brick-layering, plastering, concreting, Building materials, shops of building materials
Linkmenų g. 25 (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
(+370) 68562655
demolition, demolition works, cutting of holes, constructive scrap, foundation deconstruction/dismantlement, ...
Drobės g. 62 (Šančiai), Kaunas
(+370) 67017211
interior finish, plastering, stonework, painting, luting, tiling, interior, door hanging, facade/exterior insulation, ...
Rumpiškės g. 3-23, Klaipėda
(+370) 61586783
tiling, interior finish, facade/exterior finishing, painting, wall finishing, wall painting, laying tiles, constructive ...
Kopų g. 21-10, Nida, Neringa
(+370) 68755821
administration of buildings, building, repairs, reapiring works, repair of roof, finish, general constructional works, ...
Beržų g. 48, Panevėžys
(+370) 45432217
house building, residential houses, building of living houses, renovation, reconstruction, modernization, reapiring ...
Kreivoji g. 8, Šiauliai
(+370) 68736737
construction works, floor concreting, concrete works, bored fundament, epoxy floor coverings
Žemaitės g. 96H, Šiauliai
(+370) 61480441
floor concreting
Žilvičių g. 2, Dovainonys, Kaišiadorių r.
(+370) 67819899
Naresta, building, general constructional works, construction works, construction services, repairs, development, ...
Šiaulių g. 1, Vilnius
(+370) 52625500

In Latvia

Heat supply, ventilation, water-pipe and sewerage, designing, repair,
assembly, installation, general construction ...
Indrika 7a, Riga, LV-1004
(+371) 67703084