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Fences, gates

Nemajūnų g. 23 (Petrašiūnai), 52455 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 37370657
Kalvarijų g. 149 (Žirmūnai), 08221 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 68610313
tin, sheet metal flashing, trim products, tin, tin profiles, smooth tin, chimneys, roof accessories, bending of trim, trim products, price of tin, tin Vilnius, trimming works, tinning, tinning of chimneys, Roof coverings, profiled tin, RANILA, Roof covering, roof accessories, roof membranes, diffusion membranes, classic profile, tile profile, trapezoidal profile, ventilation chimneys, the intermediate ridge, tin gutters, ridge, windowsill, wind tin, edgeboard, cornice, ...
Nemajūnų g. 37, 52006 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 37203217
grids, Stairs/staircases, stair treads, fence, fencing, gate, gate, facades, copper, aluminum, Roof coverings, nets, gossip chains, welded chains, spin chains, woven chains, perforated sheets, decorated sheet, chains facade, metal, metallic products, hot dip galvanizing, metal structures, montage of fences, hot dip galvanizing
Verkių g. 44 (Žirmūnai), 09109 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52477750
fasteners, mounting elements, constructive galvanized, slated, helical, bedplate, corrugated, 5.6, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Black, galvanized, hotly galvanized, A4), of nonferrous metal, 5.6, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9. Black, galvanized, A4), 8, 10, 12. Crowned, with nylon, with wings, covered, of metric, of V-thread, of military, of inch thread, prolonged, galvanized, hotly galvanized, A4), of nonferrous metal, enlarged, square, spring, black, galvanized, A4), of nonferrous metal, ...
Sporto g. 11 (Žirmūnai), 09200 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 60610009
construction works, development, fences, gate, painting, plastering, montage, floor laying, Roofing, tiling, door hanging, house, a flat, interior, Thermal insulation, facade, tiles, laminate, parquet, fitting of premises, architects, general constructional works, Saunos, steambaths, building, reapiring works, roof construction, fitting of premises, saunas installation, frame houses
Islandijos pl. 181C (Eiguliai), 49121 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 37352506
roofing, bitumen shingles, trapezoidal profiles, underlays, renovation works, Roofing, roofs in Kaunas, roofs, tin, sheet metal flashing, roof attachments, skylights, facade finish, planting, fertilizer, fences, planting, fertilizer
H. ir O. Minkovskių g. 150 (Aleksotas), 46244 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 37390202
steel wire rope, wire, welded net, fences, nails, net for fences, burnt wire, galvanized wire, spring wire, barbed wire, net for cages, net for plastering, hexagonal steel, metals, metal articles, wires products, cables, retail trade
Žirnių g. 4A (Naujininkai), 02120 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52139442
Liepkalnio g. 70, PC "Iki", 02120 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 67469440
M. K. Paco g. 4 (Antakalnis), 10309 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52621712
Baltų pr. 41-61 (Šilainiai), 48234 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 65579143
Vytauto g. 20, 76356 Šiauliai (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 41421656
gate, windows, automatics of yard gate, inner door, exterior doors, protective shutters, partitions, structures from metal, metal gates, fire protective door, garage gate
Tinklų g. 9A, 35115 Panevėžys
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Phone (+370) 45502313
constructive profiles, metallic products, structures from metal, metal structures, Metal processing, bending of metal, fences, metal fences
Dūmų g. 3 (Naujoji Vilnia), 11119 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 60683975
Stairs/staircases, rails, glass habdrails, armrest, gradations, aggregate, manufacturing of stair, metal stairs/staircase, wooden stairs, trash cans, galvanized, grids, nice roofs, glass roofs, ladders, rails, manufacturing, balcony railings, bicycle racks, glass railings, glassy, rails, summerhouses, balcony, manufacturing, montage, rails, fencing, gate, metal gates, gate, metallic, gate, fence, manufacturing, fences, montage of fences, rails, metal constructions ...
Milikonių g. 40-13, 48269 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 65556439
metallic products, fences, fence, metal fences, segmental fences, panel, poles, pole, column, gate, gate, bascule, montage works, montage, fencing, fencing systems, fence network
Kuršių g. 2 (Naujininkai), 03153 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 60288182
125 Lt (36.2 EUR)
175 Lt (50.68 EUR)
120 Lt (34.75 EUR)
Gėlių g. 2B, Avižieniai, 14184 Vilniaus r.
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Phone (+370) 52403952
constructional timber, decorative wood, boards, terrace boards, flooring benches, cleats, rafters, inner door, exterior doors, boards, wooden boards, wood, plywood, timber raw material, sawn timber, pine, fir, bunks/beds, sauna paneling boards, planed timber, impregnated timber, calibrated timber, finger-jointed, glued, window cleats, timber frames, wooden houses, timber frame, wooden floor
Laisvės pr. 60-1107 (Viršuliškės), 03151 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 60999049
Our company manufactures and installs various types of hardwood stairs on wood and metal constructions. It is also engaged in doors and gates. Each client will develop a customized proposal that meets their personal needs. We use only the highest quality materials, our products are characterized by durability and longevity. We deliver and install throughout Lithuania. Production time is 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of stairs. If needed we transport products to other ...
Titnago g. 19 (Vilkpėde), 02244 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52329181
Ramygalos g. 137F, 36220 Panevėžys (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 45586661

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