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Lightning protection (found Companies: 33)

adapter, diode, electrodes, electromagnet, generators, arrester, switches, cable, cutter, plug, plugs, condenser, ...
Saugiklių blokas 3pol. 00 horiz. 160A FH00-3A/F (18622)
Saugiklių blokas 3pol. 1 horiz. 250A FH1-3A/F (14364)
Saugiklių blokas 3pol. 2 horiz. 400A FH2-3A/F (14368)
Saugiklių blokas 3pol. 3 horiz. 630A FH3-3A/F (14373)
Saugiklių blokas 3pol. 00 vertik. 160A FD00-33K/FC (36147)
Saugiklių blokas 3pol. 1 vertik. 250A FD1-33/LW  gnybt. (11224)
Saugiklių blokas 3pol. 2 vertik. 400A FD2-33/LW  gnybt.(11230)
Saugiklių blokas 3pol. 3 vertik. 630A FD3-33/LW gnybt. (11240)
Savanorių pr. 124 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
wires, cables, spotlights, transformers, panels, metal closets, LED lamps, bulbs, contacts, heads, presses, handy, ...
Draugystės g. 19, Kaunas (Affiliates)
(+370) 37312767
automatics, switchyards, powers, circuit breakers, spare parts, gears, equipment, consulting, technical observe, ...
Rygos g. 17A (Justiniškės), Vilnius
(+370) 52417199
electrical, of installment, works, computer nets, electronic, security, fire prevention, alarms, fire, electronics, ...
Ateities g. 2D (Verkiai), Vilnius (Affiliates)
building of living houses, engineering nets, design works, building, finishing works, reapiring works, construction ...
Žalgirio g. 8, Šiauliai
(+370) 41503005
construction of engineering networks, utility networks of buildings, construction services, montage works, fire alarm, ...
Minijos g. 4, Plungė
(+370) 68653181
chimney painting, chimney liners, modernization, Industrial standing chimneys, renovation, lightning arresters
Dubijos g. 11-19, Šiauliai
(+370) 41520055
fire fighting safety, fire fighting safety, alarm, electricity works, electric networks, Electrical Installation, ...
Čerpių g. 5, Neveronys, Kauno r.
installation, weak currents, electricity works, electrical installation works, electrical measurements, lightning ...
Tiltų g. 16, II a, PC "Kiras", Klaipėda
(+370) 67300610
lightning protection, grounding, measurements of, Electrical Installation, montage, lighting, development
Kopų g. 36, Klaipėda
(+370) 61460273
computer nets, panels, surge arresters, panels, pipes, programmable controllers, Controllers, automatics, ...
Žalgirio g. 108 (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
(+370) 52727902
Now, there are 40 specialists working in “Šiltas Namas“. They are 21 certificated managers of the edifice project , technical supervision, building , ...
Dariaus ir Girėno g. 42A-509 (Naujininkai), Vilnius
(+370) 52696910
Activities: Measuring, monitoring devices, Electrical supplies, equipment, Wires, cables
Šeimyniškių g. 44 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
(+370) 65520096
finishing works, reapiring works, general constructional works, electrical installation works, installation works, ...
Sodo g. 30K, Šiauliai
(+370) 41544030
electrical goods, Electrical Installation, montage works, wires, cables, automatic switchboard, switchboards, ...
Automatinis išjungėjas 1P C10...C25, HAGER
Automatinis išjungėjas 1P C10...C25, LEGRAND
Automatinis išjungėjas 1P C10...C40, Bemko
Automatinis išjungėjas 3P C10...C25, Bemko
Automatinis išjungėjas 3P C10...C25, HAGER
CYKY 3x1,5mm jėgos kabelis
CYKY 3x2,5mm jėgos kabelis
CYKY 5x10,0 mm jėgos kabelis
CYKY 5x6,0 mm jėgos kabelis
Foto rėlė Steinel
Skroblų g. 31 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
electricity works, interior, protective, guarding, finish, repairs, finishing, reapiring works, construction works, ...
Vilkpėdės g. 8 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
(+370) 64629556
wires, cables, luminaires, automatics, Electrical Installation, electrotechnics, lightening systems, design of ...
Metalistų g. 1E, Šiauliai
(+370) 41501460
Activities: Measuring, monitoring devices, Electrical supplies, equipment, Wires, cables
Kuršių g. 2, PC "Burbiškės" (Naujininkai), Vilnius (Affiliates)
(+370) 52168188
Activities: Measuring, monitoring devices, Electrical supplies, equipment, Wires, cables
Šilutės pl. 51, Klaipėda (Affiliates)
(+370) 46340100
Activities: Electrical works, electricians, Lightning protection
Vasario 16-osios g. 6, 82135 Radviliškis
(+370) 42261321