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Rygos g. 6-98 (Viršuliškės), 05270 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 65631177
partitions, glass partitions, decorative doors, doors, blind door, aluminum profiles, floor, ceiling, suspended ceilings, construction technical maintenance, Office furniture
Rygos g. 6-98 (Viršuliškės), 05270 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 61222900
partitions, glass partitions, decorative doors, doors, blind door, aluminum profiles, ceiling, suspended ceilings, construction technical maintenance
Pramonės g. 16, Vaidotai, 14149 Vilniaus r. (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52322315
aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, finish, finishing, galvanized, galvanized, CLASSIC, tiles, cover, coverages, Parts, for faceades, facade, facades, products, manufacturing, sound, hardened, insulation, chimneys, frameworks, classic, structures, of constructions, ladders, sheet, bent elements, gutter, rainwater pipes, metal, metal, montage, stainless, stainless, underlays, for partitions, partitions, steel, steel, plates, polyester, additives, profiles, projects, development, ...
Palemono g. 7B (Petrašiūnai), 52158 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 37457021
Rodūnios kelias 11 (Naujininkai), 02189 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52164876
278 Lt (80.51 EUR)
198 Lt (57.34 EUR)
0.65 Lt (0.19 EUR)
19 Lt (5.5 EUR)
64 Lt (18.54 EUR)
Kęstučio g. 47/4 (Žvėrynas), 08124 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52497755
windows, doors, facades, winter Gardens, louver, aluminum windows, aluminum doors, aluminum profiles, aluminum
Kirtimų g. 47 (Paneriai), 02244 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52102587
doors, aluminum, aluminum doors, windows, aluminum windows, facades, louver, rails, winter Gardens, swinging door, aluminum structures, aluminum profiles, facade, window, doors, secure the doors, fire protective door, decorative doors
Draugystės g. 17, 51229 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 37338800
manufacturing, sale, montage, development, glass products, partitions, Stairs/staircases, sale, manufacturing, montage, maintenance, development, glass floor, flooring, nice roofs, shower cabins, glass railings, showcases, doors, sliding, montage, production according to orders, sale, glass gluing, montage, glass partitions/glass partition walls, doors, windows, Stairs/staircases, floor, glazing of balconies, aluminum structures, balconies, furniture, furniture according to ...
Liepų g. 81, 92185 Klaipėda (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 65900800
Geležinio Vilko g. 2 (Vilkpėde), 03150 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 65011211
Brīvības iela 155, LV-1012, Rīga, Latvija
Phone (+370) 61559565
Savanorių pr. 219 (Vilkpėde), 02300 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52644302
Technikos g. 8A (Petrašiūnai), 51212 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 37465555
Savanorių pr. 136 (Žaliakalnis), 44148 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 37331044
tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, ceramic tiles, tiles, clinker, misaic, granite, ventilated facades, finishes, flooring, wall finishing, laying tiles, floor concreting, industrial floors
01001 Vilnius
Phone (+370) 64677133
Sporto g. 11 (Žirmūnai), 09200 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 60610009
construction works, development, fences, gate, painting, plastering, montage, floor laying, Roofing, tiling, door hanging, house, a flat, interior, Thermal insulation, facade, tiles, laminate, parquet, fitting of premises, architects, general constructional works, Saunos, steambaths, building, reapiring works, roof construction, fitting of premises, saunas installation, frame houses
J. Kubiliaus g. 23 (Žirmūnai), 09108 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52723644
The APERTURA company has been established as premier window tinting and security film experts for over 18 years. As an authorized distributor for U.S. window film manufacturers LLumar, Global we supply and install a wide range of window film products including solar control, safety, security, privacy, decorative and frosted window films. Whatever your requirement from Frosted effect logos to full digital print services, we can help. Also we specialize in PPF, vehicle ...
Upės g. 21 (Žvėrynas), 08128 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52603026
windows, doors, facades, plastic windows, plastic doors, aluminum windows, aluminum doors, aluminum facades, plastic profiles, aluminum profiles, profiles, glass facades, lamellas, Schuco Lietuva, solar collectors, steel door, aluminum windows, window, doors, toto electric, schueco, solar panels, JAN SEN, steel windows, iron windows, SOLAR, of solar energy, sun power stations, solar modules
Kirtimų g. 61A, 02244 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52105347
JSC “Aluvesto” – was established recently although it has inherited many years of experience and huge competence in the aluminum and glass facades, also window and door design, manufacture and installation. We are fully qualified in technical and financial terms to fulfill virtually any size ofthe project from a single window or winter garden to 1.5-2 mln. skyscraper facades.
Our company designs, manufactures and installs aluminum – glass structures (facades, showcases ...
Marijonų g. 36, 35138 Panevėžys
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Phone (+370) 45462634
automatic equipment, automatics, ROSS, valves, air filters, pneumatics, cylinders, pneumatic, hydraulic, metal conveyors, industrial filters, reducers, chains, engines, screws, shafts, worms, cylinders, drums renewal, technical felts, cork gaskets, cutting wheels, spare parts, specialized paint, screened, industrial, epoxy coating, grounds, dissolvents, degreasers, cracks, penetrants, Table tops, coasters, partitions, stair treads, glass floor, glass for fireplaces, mirrors, ...
Sporto g. 10-55 (Žirmūnai), 09238 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 61627735
Due to the unique design, special profile filling and complementary parts of highest standards, we offer long-lasting durable constructions: doors, walls, windows that meet all the highest requirements of fire safety.
For our structures we use special patented aluminium profiles ALUF1RE with fillings and fire-resistant glass. This type of glass ensures the integrity of entire structure as well as its insulating characteristics. If clients request, external fire-screens ...
Juodvarnių Sodų 10-oji g. 6, 10235 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 68533948

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