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Technical supervision of construction works

Found Companies 25
tin, sheet metal flashing, roofs, pitched roofs, flat roofs, roofing, waterproofing materials, hydro, waterproofing, ...
Jankiškių g. 39 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
(+370) 68645449
construction works, building, repairs, reconstruction, general constructional works, installation of foundations, new ...
Naglio g. 4A (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas
(+370) 37452348
construction management, building maintenance, composition of estimates
Kareivių g. 7 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
(+370) 65680920
fire fighting safety, professional risk assessment, building technical maintenance, ISO, CE marking, occupational ...
Lauko g. 19-24, Alytus
(+370) 60704431
roof, roof construction, terraces, flat roofs, Roof covering, insulation, reconstruction, renovation, architects, ...
Justiniškių g. 39, Vilnius
(+370) 65685400
common constructive works, finishing, individual houses, wooden houses, log houses, steambaths, pools, pools equipment, ...
Draugystės g. 19, Kaunas
(+370) 68640822
house building, residential houses, building of living houses, renovation, reconstruction, modernization, reapiring ...
Kreivoji g. 8, Šiauliai
(+370) 68736737
plumbing, plumbing, construction technical maintenance, Thermal insulation, insulation works, technical insulation, ...
Aido g. 3-1, Šiauliai
(+370) 41418742
house building, residential houses, building of living houses, renovation, reconstruction, modernization, reapiring ...
Naujoji g. 22, Sutkūnų k., Šiaulių r.
(+370) 60442663
Now, there are 40 specialists working in “Šiltas Namas“. They are 21 certificated managers of the edifice project , technical supervision, building , ...
Dariaus ir Girėno g. 42A-509 (Naujininkai), Vilnius
(+370) 52696910
acoustic, sound insulation, lighting, microclimate, consultations, certification, thermovision, energetic audit
Kražių g. 21 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
(+370) 52442442
construction technical maintenance, consulting, construction management, estimates, floor, concrete floor, industrial ...
Miško g. 30-69 (Centras), Kaunas
(+370) 37269000
house building, log houses, building, waterproofing, project management
Kunkiai, Klaipėdos r.
(+370) 46463125
The company was established on March 9, 2007 in Klaipėda. The main activities of the company include planning, management and implementation of ...
Birutės g. 12-304, Klaipėda
(+370) 68653020
technical maintenance of structures, construction technical maintenance, home projects
Užuovėjos g. 10D, Gargždai, Klaipėdos r.
(+370) 67142772
construction management, construction projects management, construction technical maintenance, consulting, building, ...
Vytenio g. 46, Vilnius
(+370) 68568174
construction materials testing, asphalt concrete pavement testing, road construction works maintenance, of concrete ...
R. Kalantos g. 85A (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas (Affiliates)
(+370) 37457772
development, architecture, engineering, consultations, experts services, technical, author's supervision, designing ...
Algirdo g. 38 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
(+370) 61538335
scientific surveys, construction materials testing, project proposals, concrete
Saulėtekio al. 11, II lab. korp. 18 kab. (Antakalnis), Vilnius (Affiliates)
(+370) 52698740
studies, studies in Vilnius, consulting, audit of projects
Saulėtekio al. 11 (Antakalnis), Vilnius (Affiliates)
(+370) 52745240