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Šiaulių energija, Kuršėnų šilumos tinklų tarnyba, AB

V. Dambrausko g. 15, Kuršėnai, 81183 Šiaulių r.
(+370) 41582145
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(+370) 41582145
G. Bilevičius


Water supply
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Grunstata, MB
0.8 km | Žalgirio g. 36, Kuršėnai, Šiaulių r.
watter supply sewage installment works ponds digging of ponds deepening pond deepening cleaning of ponds construction machinery rent of constructive technique fire protective reservoirs installation of foundations engineering nets building of living houses houses buildings...
Vandoras, UAB
23.7 km | Sodo g. 26, Šiauliai
gas heating geothermal heating underfloor heating price boilers installation boilers montage onditioners installation of conditioners repair of conditioners waste water installation of sewage waste water systems air air conditioneers heating of accommodation radiators...
Kasara, MB
24.9 km | P. Lukšio g. 9D, Šiauliai
engineering nets building construction of engineering networks by installments treatment plants waste water tanks slurry tanks reservoirs fat traps montage works drainage hermetic rubble building demolition pond deepening...
Židinių šiluma, D. Žibiko IVV
26.3 km | Pramonės g. 21C, Šiauliai
fireplaces fireplace marble granite gas boiler gas-fired boilers oven stove plumbing waste water sewerage conditioning recuperators heating underfloor heating insulation...
REC BalticVent, UAB
26.6 km | Serbentų g. 115, Šiauliai
ventilation recuperator vent unit REC Temovex passive house flexible ducts air duct insulation air valves grids diffusers ties industrial hoses polyurethane hoses chimney liners vermiculite vermiculite plates...
42.8 km | Pramonės g. 15A, Telšiai
construction works general constructional works reconstruction of buildings restoration of buildings common constructive works Fire alarm system construction and repair works water supply heating
Pramoninės statybos kompanija, UAB
51.4 km | Gamyklos g. 31I, Mažeikiai
construction projects management industrial reconstruction works reconstruction engineering systems plumbing reconstruction of buildings project management composition of estimates plastering concrete making masonry work brickwork roof roofs Roofing...
Plungės lagūna, UAB
70.2 km | Plungės g. 28, Rietavas
construction works construction of engineering networks development
SM technika, MB
71.9 km | Bokšto g. 7, Drobstų k., Rietavo sav.
transportation services planting environmental management lawn planting gravel rubble snow removal leveling works installation of sites digging of ponds montage of water supply line watter supply installation of drainage sewerage drainage...
Šilumeka, filialas, MB
89.2 km | Pušyno g. 26, Juodupėnų k., Kretingos r.
plumbing installation of venting systems boilers water supply systems venting systems plumbing watter supply ventilation boilers installation installation of boiler room laying of water supply montage of water supply line heat pumps
LT AQUA, filialas, UAB
91.6 km | J. Janonio g. 3, Panevėžys
potable water systems development montage technical observe industrial systems montage equipment maintenance montage removal of iron water softening plumbing plumbing water drills waste water...
Panevėžio hidroplanas, UAB
93.9 km | Kranto g. 9-1, Panevėžys
reclamation drainage systems watter supply bridges culverts primer gutter hydrotechnics pipelines montage drain profile engineering nets geodesy Engineering geodesy land management...
Alinita, UAB
95.5 km | Tinklų g. 7, Panevėžys
ventilation HVAC design modernization of ventilation heating engineering systems watter supply waste water heating modernization of ventilation montage of water supply line construction works development ventilation HVAC design modernization of ventilation heating...
DK statyba, UAB
102.6 km | Lauko g. 2B, Naujasodžių k., Jurbarko r.
Building Materials building materials store clinker clinker bricks clinker bricks bricks tiles blocks finishing bricks masonry blocks dry building mixtures building blends concrete furnace bricks chimneys finishing bricks...
DK statyba, filialas, UAB
102.8 km | Algirdo g. 7A, Jurbarkas
plumbing plumbing goods Parts plumbing accessories/parts/fittings trade in plumbing supplies plumbing ceramics heating watter supply waste water sewerage crane valves damper pipes joints...
Biotekas, filialas, MB
105.1 km | Vytauto g. 123, Kretinga
of waste water supply waste removal pipeline diagnostics IU pipeline diagnostics pipeline cleaning waste removal cleaning the fat traps fat traps reservoirs wells cleaning cleaning the fat traps pumps repair montage of water supply line installation of drainage