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Adma, filialas, UAB

Linkmenų g. 13 (Šnipiškės), 09300 Vilnius
(+370) 65200422

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(+370) 65200422
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Gerunda, UAB

Kalvarijos g. 7 (Aleksotas), 46349 Kaunas
 (+370) 37391555

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Gotas, UAB
0.8 km | Linkmenų g. 37 (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
WILMS MASTER alluminum clamps, liftings, fan, technical drills, disturbers, power cables, centers, distributive pallets, saw, hummer, circulation, pneumatic, cutters, grinder, angular, belt type, vibratory, mill, knives, industrial, collectors, heaters, gasoline burners, facing, bituminous, BOMAG fans, FRANK painting platforms, heaters, excavators, Tractors, air compressors, gathering, care, paint, garden equipment, plumbing tools, welding, electric scaffolding, towers, favourings ladder, technique, lifting machine, sawing, tile cutting, grindering, concrete metal equipment, preparation tool for concrete reinforcement, cutting milling rollers, thickening tools, pickers, sledgehammers, high power perforators, drillers, minilifters, drillers, of land, BOBCAT saws, wood scissors, grinders, giraffes, for hedgrows, coating machines, cleaning, territories, trash gutters, of formation, parcel's, lifters diggers, mini excavators, trimmers, lawn movers, cultivators, trimmers, GOTAS, sandblasts, scissor lifters, cradles, shelvings, of constructive tools, rent of mechanisms, deep concrete pumps, vibrators, mixers, pickers, of demolition, drilling perforators, thickness makers, soil vibroplates, of parquet grindering, bush cutters, humidifiers, of water mud, nail punches, linoleum laying fences, containers, transport, trailers, fuel tanks, montage devices, thermovision, maintenance, cleaning, turnery, routing, sharpening, metal welding
Infrasta, UAB
1.2 km | Antano Tumėno g. 4, "Vilniaus vartai" rytinis įėjimas, 3 aukštas (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
finishing works, construction works, general constructional works, land works, installation of foundations, masonry work, concrete making, plastering, plastering of walls, luting, painting, montage of door, plumbing, electricity works, designing services, real estate, rent of real estate, new flats, new houses, flats, rooms for rent, facilities, parcels
Vilniaus komunalinių paslaugų mokykla
1.7 km | Pakalnės g. 3 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
carptenters, plumbers, wlders
Santechnikos ranga, UAB
1.9 km | Pakalnės g. 13 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
plumbing, plumbing, plumber, plumbers, montage works, watter supply, sewerage, waste water, venting systems, installation of venting systems, inside water supply, breathers, heating, pipelines, radiators, installation of radiators, underfloor heating, boilers, boilers
Dujonas, UAB
1 km | Kalvarijų g. 41 (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
gas, equipment of gas-lines, household appliances, gas cylinders, cookers, heating equipment, engineering systems, installation of conditioners, heating equipment, gasline, built-in/integrated domestic appliances, ovens, heating surface, boilers, gas-fired boilers, electric boilers, pellet boilers, liquid fuel boilers, heaters, water heaters, radiators, heat pumps, fireplaces, gas fireplaces, accumulator tank, solar collectors, sealing measures, development, montage, montage of water supply line
Denistata, UAB
3.2 km | Aguonų g. 19-215 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
interior finish, wall painting, painting works, paperhanging, floor laying, tiling, plastering works, plastering, facade/exterior finishing, facade/exterior insulation, house building, house building, finishing works, finish, building, repairs, insulation of walls, insulation of buildings, Thermal insulation of facades, roof construction, roofs, construction services, repairs, repair services, reapiring works, installation of foundations, fundament, demolition works, building, houses finishing, stonework, masonry work, painting, painting works, house renovation, plastering, wall painting, floor concreting, floor laying, restoration, house building, tiling, interior finish, terraces, ceiling mounting, facade/exterior insulation, frame houses, masonry houses, bulkhead mounting, partitioning, partitions, plumbing, electricity works, Roofing, roof works, buildings decoration, facade repairs, house renovation, renovation, houses finishing, concrete works
Tinkasas, UAB
1.4 km | Kalvarijų g. 125-484, 3 korp. (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
finishing works, bulkhead mounting, painting works, wall painting, luting, preparation for painting, luting, laying tiles, ceiling installation, plumbing, reapiring works, repairs, tiling, suspended ceilings, floor installation, environmental management, planting, land works, electricity works, demolition works, installation of canalization, stonework, plastering, concrete making, plastering, concrete works, house building, fundament, installation of foundations, sawing, drilling works, cuting, drilling, construction works, roof coating, summerhouses, terraces, summerhouses installation
4.1 km | Panerių g. 51 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
construction works, building, finishing works, reapiring works, environmental management, planting, terraces, summerhouses installation, land works, interior Design, structure design, lighting, electricity works, water drills, plumbing, radiators, plumbing, heating equipment, water supply pipes, automatics, geothermal heating, installation of canalization, electricity works, facade, facades, facade installation, roofs, Roofing, roof coating, floor concreting, floor installation, demolition works, plastering, stonework, concrete making, plastering, concrete works
4.1 km | Panerių g. 51 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
Vilsan Baltic, UAB
1.5 km | Ulonų g. 3 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
heating equipment, steel, aluminum, cast iron radiators, steel, aluminum, radiators, sanitary, convectors, towel dryers, coil pipes, heating systems, heating, air heaters, ventilation, air curtains, boilers, underfloor heating, stone, decorative stone, SCHLOSSER, electric radiators
Avimonta, UAB
1.9 km | Treniotos g. 44, Vilnius
construction works, finish, repairs, reconstruction, renovation, plumbing, roofs, estimates, structures from metal, gypsum, suspended ceilings, painting, luting, plastering, floor, residential houses, individual houses, cottages
Sinc Rentalis, UAB
2 km | Verkių g. 42, "Medžio centras", D korpusas, Vilnius
concreting, welding, electrical, heating, drying, land drilling, painting, cleaning, reinforcement processing equipment, soil compaction technique, drillers, perforators, wood sanding machines, water, mud pumps, ladders and towers, lifting technique, garden care, wood sewing, environment care, plumbing tools, measuring, control tools, transport services, trailers, tanks, nail punches, used tools, concrete drills, metal drills, cutting discs, sanding paper, saws, formworks, buildings, rent of constructive tools, tools, rent of tools, rent of technique
ISI Baltic, UAB
4.6 km | Kuršių g. 2 (Naujininkai), Vilnius
venting systems, geothermal, gas, solid, liquid fuel boilers, boilers installation, solid fuel, wells drilling, development, heated floor, ventilation, ventilation, plumbing, water supply, wastewater treatment plant, air conditioning, onditioners, heating equipment, water filters, water, geothermal boreholes
Statybos technika, Vilniaus padalinys, UAB
2.4 km | Lakūnų g. 30 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
pickers, perforators, cutters, METABO, perforator, concrete drills, screwdriver, drillers, Hilti, HITACHI, stonish, STIHL, loaders, rent of loaders, contract, cutters, EIBENSTOCK, FLEX, sanding paper, for plaster, mixer, rent of mechanisms, coating machines, air compressors, washing, cleaning equipment, dusters, KARCHER, METABO, water, mud pumps, ladders, drills, rent of perforators, scoop, drill, scissor lifters, rent of lifters, reinforcement, sand blasting, snow cleaner, wood-cutting tools, trimmer, technique, trimmer, hedge trimmers, rent, plumbing tools, technique, video camera, measuring devices, thermal imaging camera, repair of tools
NT sprendimų grupė, UAB
4.4 km | Šlaito g. 28-2, Vilnius
interior finish, finishing works, plumbing, montage of door, tiling, montage works
Virstata, UAB
4.2 km | Gedvydžių g. 7-9 (Fabijoniškės), Vilnius
environmental management, paving laying, planting, manufacturing of fences, manufacturing of gate, gate, montage of fences, summerhouses, metal constructions production, concrete making, plastering, painting, electricity works, fences, gate