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Anykščių varis, UAB

Vairuotojų g. 10, 29107 Anykščiai

(+370) 38151306

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(+370) 38151306
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Vladas Gavėnas
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Anykščių varis, UAB

JSC “ANYKŠČIŲ VARIS”- is a welding electrode factory established in 1993, Lithuania.
PRODUCTION: Welding electrodes according classification E6013, E 7018.
Company producing 200-250t. electrodes per month.
The key production is electrodes for welding:
Low carbon steel types ANO-4, UONI13/55, AV-31,AV-21, AV-23, AV-24, AV-61, AV-66;
Stainless steel types AV1 308L, AV1 316L;
Cast-iron AV1 KetNi, AV1 KetNiFe, AV1 KetNiFeCu;
Aluminium types AV1 Alium 5, AV1 Alium 12;
Hardfacing types AV1 AP 60, AV1 AP 63, AV APL 60, AV AP 600;
Universal type AV 307APL
Welding electrodes conforming to European, Russian, Ukraine standards.
Company selling copper coated solid wires type SG2/ ER70S-6.
The company sales markets Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Russian, Finnish and other European countries.
Additional information:
Sales depart: tel. +370 381 58798
Sales manager for Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Finland markets: tel. +370 612 67293
Sales manager for
Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan markets: tel. +370 686 54762
Welding electrodes production. Copper coated solid SG2/ER70S-6 wire sales.

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