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Baltijos informacinės sistemos, UAB

Energetikų g. 16D, 31220 Visaginas
(+370) 38671525
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(+370) 38671525
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About BIS
We are dynamic, fast developing IT company. We are working not only in Lithuania but also in Eastern and Western Europe, North America. From the establishment of our company in year 2000, we gain very big experience in area of information technologies and project management. This experience allows us to provide high quality services and meet expectations of our customers. Aspiring to company goal achievement, we have collected a team of real professionals of the area. Currently we have more than 60 experts working here in our company.

Our specialization is development of complex and complicated IT solutions. The biggest part of the systems developed by our company is related to the safety, monitoring and control of the technological processes. These systems were developed and supplied in frame of the international projects. This year we are working the following areas:
◾Process monitoring and control
◾Business management systems
◾IT training and certification.

More than 14 years we are working in foreign markets. We are providing services to industrial companies in European Union, United States and Russia. We gained experience in management and collaboration of international teams. Since 2003 we are participating in projects financed by the European Commision. Especially in TACIS nuclear safety programme.

We are well known between companies, working in safety related projects in Nuclear Plants.

To provide height quality services, back in 2005 we have implemented and certified our Quality Management System in compliance with ISO2007.

The safety of our customers’ data is important for us. That’s why we implemented Information Security Management System in our company. And we are preparing to have this system certified in accordance with ISO27001 this year.
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