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Funkcinis dizainas, UAB

Technikos g. 18H, 51211 Kaunas
(+370) 69843435
Atsidarys rytoj 7.00
30 years of activity
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(+370) 69843435
Stasys Beišys
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11 employees (insured)
Average wage
1514.44 € (2024 April) more information

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0.4 km | Technikos g. 7C (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas
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Gotas, Kauno padalinys, UAB
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Savingė, Kauno filialas, UAB
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Laipsnis lt, UAB
1.2 km | Biruliškių g. 18A, Kaunas
CNC routing CNC routing
Skardvila, Kauno filialas, UAB
1.2 km | Pramonės pr. 16, "Urmo bazė", Rytinė galerija, 16 salė (Dainava), Kaunas
Metal sheet products Profiled Sheets Flashings Rain Water System Weckman Traffic Dacowa Ranila chimneys roofing accesssories roofing roof membranes classic roof profile tile profiled sheet ventilation chimneys rainwater pipes...
Edmundo metalo gaminiai, filialas, UAB
1.2 km | Pramonės pr. 16 (Dainava), Kaunas
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Neofortas, UAB
1.6 km | Chemijos g. 4D, Kaunas
doors metal door fire protective door exterior doors inner door technical doors evacuation door wooden doors aluminum doors montage of door armoured door steel door flat doors technical premises door aluminum doors montage of door...
Abtech LT, UAB
1.8 km | R. Kalantos g. 59 (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas
injection grouting works Covering with sand facades cleaning wash anti-corrosion priming anticorrosive coating painted facades Shot blasting metal restoration restoration powder painting phosphating grouting works
Trečiokas, UAB
2.1 km | R. Kalantos g. 34C (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas
glass roofs swinging door Fittings turnery routing glass roofs dis­tance pie­ces glass roofs swinging door DORMA structures from metal holders pipe clamps stinless steel rod
Morionis, UAB
3.2 km | Nemajūnų g. 37, Kaunas
grids Stairs/staircases stair treads fence poles fencing swinging gate gate facades copper aluminum brass stinless steel Roof coverings roofing nets...
Pruszynski ir partneriai, UAB
4.3 km | Islandijos pl. 181C (Eiguliai), Kaunas
roofing Kaunas Šiauliai Panevėžys bitumen shingles trapezoidal profiles underlays renovation works Roofing roofs in Kaunas roofs tin sheet metal flashing roof attachments skylights facade finish...
Ironmeta, UAB
5.4 km | Drobės g. 73 (Šančiai), Kaunas
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5.7 km | Ringuvos g. 51A (Šančiai), Kaunas
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7.6 km | Panerių g. 51 (Vilijampolė), Kaunas
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Metarijus, MB
8.7 km | 46139 Kaunas
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