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Lytagra, Gargždų filialas, AB

Vasario 16-osios g. 21, Gargždai, 96124 Klaipėdos r.
(+370) 46452235
Atsidarys rytoj 8.00
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(+370) 46452235

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Mimeta, UAB
Ateities pl. 32, 52164 Kaunas
 (+370) 65821383

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Rimesta, UAB
11.8 km | Sendvario g. 1, Sudmantų k., Klaipėdos r.
silicate blocks ceramic tiles ceramic roof tiles concrete tiles ventilation chimneys Ilais skylights Building Materials building materials store clinker clinker bricks clinker bricks bricks tiles blocks finishing bricks...
Ruukki Products, AS, Klaipėdos filialas
13.1 km | Svajonės g. 38, Klaipėda
RUUKKI roof cover Roof coverings rainwater pipes roof Roof covering rockwool anti-condensing film finishing panels/decorative panels CLASSIC shingles imitation of energy Express for faceades facade...
Budresta, MB
13.2 km | Svajonės g. 8, Klaipėda
RUUKKI Roofing tinning trimming works sheet metal flashing Roof coverings Roof covering tin roof covering roofing Roofing roof coating repair of roof facade installation tinning trimming works...
Dažmeta, UAB
13.2 km | Svajonės g. 33-1, Klaipėda
paint for outdoor use opaque paint enamels stains anti-corrosive paint oils oils epoxy paint stain paint for timber silicone plaster structural plaster aerosol paints epoxy resin cell waterproofing cleaners...
Marcopol Baltija, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
13.3 km | Mainų g. 8, Klaipėda
screws screws proved screws screwnails screws of plastics tin screws fastening pins rivets screws washers bars studs self-screwing pins rivets nails...
Svajonių statyba, UAB
13.4 km | Šilutės pl. 56, Klaipėda
construction works Building Materials geothermal heating plumbing fittings heating systems Thermal insulation Thermal insulation of facades renovation environmental management development injection aluminum structures roofs matched roofs exterior doors inner door...
Vidara, Klaipėdos prekybos skyrius, UAB
13.4 km | Šilutės pl. 56, Klaipėda
roof facade skylights tin facade/exterior finishing bituminous covering tiles gutters roll-out covering trimming works roof covering Roofing roofs renovation mounts coverages slates...
Savingė, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
13.5 km | Sandėlių g. 28-2, Klaipėda
metallic products electrodes galvanized dishes galvanized bucket cast iron products paints time glue dissolvents impregnant grounds solvents Sealants antifreeze silicone acrylic...
Mimeta, Klaipėdos padalinys, UAB
13.8 km | Šilutės pl. 23, Klaipėda
Building Materials building materials store clinker clinker bricks clinker bricks bricks tiles blocks finishing bricks masonry blocks dry building mixtures building blends Stone Products concrete furnace bricks chimneys...
Spalvų sala, parduotuvė, UAB
14 km | Šilutės pl. 11, Klaipėda
Building Materials paints time glue primer grounds dissolvents dissolvent solvents solvent filler putty timber care measures timber care sealing measures sealing measure...
Novel Colors, parduotuvė
14.1 km | Šilutės pl. 26B, Klaipėda
paints wall paint sale of paint ceiling paint facade paint paints indoor paint facade paints ceiling paint wall paint timber paint varnishes grounds anti-corrosive paint oils oils...
Prestėja, UAB
14.3 km | Dubysos g. 31, Klaipėda
bricks building blocks tiles of reinforced concrete products compounds tiles rainwater pipes plates blocks cement fundament block overlay beam...
KE langai, UAB
14.5 km | Taikos pr. 115, Klaipėda
PVC windows plastic windows aluminum windows windows plastic windows automatic gate yard gates PVC doors plastic doors louver rollets protective shutters nets exterior doors manufacturing of windows aluminum doors...
Stogo dangų prekyba, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB "Nord profil"
14.8 km | Liepų g. 64, Klaipėda
pitched roofs ceramic roof tiles concrete tiles bituminous minor tiles flat roofs PVC coating construction films diffusion membranes construction films facade/exterior finishing clinker bricks clinker paving blocks heating materials fence network roof attachments...
Pamario grupė, UAB
15.2 km | Tilžės g. 22, Klaipėda
SPgrupe, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
15.3 km | Liepų g. 53C, Klaipėda
clinker bricks clinker bricks clinker tiles clinker tiles fixings facades finishing bricks finishing bricks clinker finish clinker Roof coverings ceramic roof tiles tiles ceramic CREATON steel roofs...