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Ruukki Lietuva, Kauno filialas, UAB

Partizanų g. 63M (Dainava), 50300 Kaunas
(+370) 37327407
Closes soon 8.00-17.00

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(+370) 37327407

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Ruukki Products, AS, Kauno filialas
0 km | Partizanų g. 63M (Dainava), Kaunas
RUUKKI, roof, cover, Roof coverings, rainwater pipes, roof, Roof covering, rockwool, anti-condensing film, finishing panels/decorative panels, CLASSIC, shingles imitation, of energy, Express, for faceades, facade, facade, facades, manufacturing, classic, classic, ridge, dripstone, rain gutter system, smooth tin, metal roofs, coating, underlays, films, steel roofs, steel, plates, polyurethane, PREMIUM, profiles, profiles, pural, RANILA, renovation, for walls, of walls, wall coverings, tin, tin, sheet metal flashing, bending of trim, tin profiles, snow, snow fence, screws, screws, roofing, skylights, skylight, roof ladders, roof, roof bendings, roof membranes, roof attachments, reconstruction of roof, repair of roof, roof fence, roof covering, sandwiches, sandwiches, Finnish
Skardvila, Kauno filialas, UAB
1.6 km | Pramonės pr. 16, "Urmo bazė", Rytinė galerija, 16 salė (Dainava), Kaunas
Metal sheet products, Profiled Sheets, Flashings, Rain Water System, Weckman, Traffic, Dacowa, Ranila, chimneys, roofing accesssories, roofing, roof membranes, classic roof profile, tile profiled sheet, ventilation chimneys, rainwater pipes, Snow breaker, ridge filling, Roof ladder, Drainage system, Insulated ventilation pipe, sheet metal roofs, CORRUGATED SHEET, ROOF SAFETY ACCESSORIES, roof fances, Wall sheets, construction films, steel profiles, purlins, steel tiles
Savingė, Kauno filialas, UAB
1.9 km | Elektrėnų g. 1E, Kaunas
metallic products, electrodes, galvanized dishes, galvanized bucket, cast iron products, paints, time, glue, dissolvents, impregnant, grounds, solvents, Sealants, antifreeze, silicone, acrylic, goods to motorists, electrical goods, bulbs, switches, sockets, extesioneers, batteries, spotlights, locks, hanging locks, mortise locks, bicycle locks, door fittings, connecting parts, armature, chemistry for economy, products for home, pots, kitchenware, scissors, gardening goods, gardening goods, spades, shovels, scissors for trimming hedges, shears for branches, fertilizer, substrates, sprayers for plants, string, chains, goods for farmers, rakes, scythes, mattocks, fork, Building Materials, finishes, painting tools, brushes for painting, rollers, finishing tools, trowels, graters, paint mixers, blades, measuring tools, roulettes, rulers, levels for zero, sliders, squares, planks, drills, concrete drills, metal drills, drill bits for wood, drill bit sets, electric tools, metal cutting blades, diamond discs, sharpening discs, grinding tools, sanding paper, grinding brushes, saws for wood, files, hammers, sledgehammers, pliers, screwers, metal saws, axes, SNIEŽKA, VIDARON, SAVEX, TOYA, FOVEO
Gotas, Kauno padalinys, UAB
2.5 km | Draugystės g. 15B, Kaunas
WILMS MASTER alluminum clamps, liftings, fan, technical drills, disturbers, power cables, centers, distributive pallets, saw, hummer, circulation, pneumatic, cutters, grinder, angular, belt type, vibratory, mill, knives, industrial, collectors, heaters, gasoline burners, facing, bituminous, BOMAG fans, FRANK painting platforms, heaters, excavators, Tractors, air compressors, gathering, care, paint, garden equipment, plumbing tools, welding, electric scaffolding, towers, favourings ladder, technique, lifting machine, sawing, tile cutting, grindering, concrete metal equipment, preparation tool for concrete reinforcement, cutting milling rollers, thickening tools, pickers, sledgehammers, high power perforators, drillers, minilifters, drillers, of land, BOBCAT saws, wood scissors, grinders, giraffes, for hedgrows, coating machines, cleaning, territories, trash gutters, of formation, parcel's, lifters diggers, mini excavators, trimmers, lawn movers, cultivators, trimmers, GOTAS, sandblasts, scissor lifters, cradles, shelvings, of constructive tools, rent of mechanisms, deep concrete pumps, vibrators, mixers, pickers, of demolition, drilling perforators, thickness makers, soil vibroplates, of parquet grindering, bush cutters, humidifiers, of water mud, nail punches, linoleum laying fences, containers, transport, trailers, fuel tanks, montage devices, thermovision, maintenance, cleaning, turnery, routing, sharpening, metal welding
Pruszynski ir partneriai, UAB
1.7 km | Islandijos pl. 181C (Eiguliai), Kaunas
roofing, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, bitumen shingles, trapezoidal profiles, underlays, renovation works, Roofing, roofs in Kaunas, roofs, tin, sheet metal flashing, roof attachments, skylights, facade finish, planting, fertilizer, fences, planting, fertilizer, for walls, for pols, fertilizer
Kauno statybos ir paslaugų mokymo centras
4.3 km | R. Kalantos g. 80 (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas
vocational training, vocational training in Kaunas, finishers, carptenters, wlders
Ironmeta, UAB
6.6 km | Drobės g. 73 (Šančiai), Kaunas
structures from metal, powder painting, Metal processing, metallic products, metal parts, metal railings, treatment, welding, metal welding, non-standard metal products, cutting of metal, routing, metal grinding, metal welding, welding works, metal blanks, painting, balconies, balcony railings, rails, stair handlers
Morionis, UAB
5.7 km | Nemajūnų g. 37, Kaunas
grids, Stairs/staircases, stair treads, fence, poles, fencing, swinging gate, gate, facades, copper, aluminum, brass, stinless steel, Roof coverings, roofing, nets, gossip chains, welded chains, spin chains, woven chains, perforated sheets, decorated sheet, chains facade, metal, metallic products, hot dip galvanizing, powder painting, metal structures, fences, panels, galvanized grate, montage of fences, fencing, fencing systems, fence rolls, Meiser gratings, LAVINET networks, woven Chain, Codina Chain, decorated sheet, corrugated sheets, MEVACO profiles, Types, plating of metal, ARCELOR, FIBRO, fencing, grids, hot dip galvanizing, perforated sheets, gate, metallic products, gradations, nets
Serfas, UAB
3 km | Technikos g. 7C (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas
PAROC stone wool, CAPAROL, paints, roofing, KNAUF, RIGIPS gypsum panels and fixing systems, for ceiling, metal production, Building Materials, production of reinforcing networks, for ceiling, frameworks, flashing bars, sheets, beams, pipes, tapes, stair treads, grids, fences, gate, constructive steel, bricks, nets, technical information, rails, supply program, hot-galvanized grating, stair treads, spatial and junction reinforcement bars, reinforcing networks, armature, drainage system for houses, for gardens, for parks, for streets, light pits, bricks, tiles, decorative ceramic elements, cement boards, plastic rainwater drain system, roofing, an effective external insulation of building system, grounds, interior and exterior paint, polystyrene foam slabs, filler, suspended ceilings, drywall, tools for working with plasterboards, metal structures GCP system, dry building mixtures, rubber bitumen melting, multi-colored tiles of a bitumen, waterproofing materials for bridges, for pols, for showers, skinned bricks, dry construction mixtures VETONIT: glue, putty, masonry mixes, beams, chutes, various visual sections, pipes, hot-dipped galvanized welded, stamped, pressed metal grilles, armature, armature, ferrous metals, metal profiles, roofing, paints, cutting of metal, sheets, bent elements, metallic products, Building Materials, ferrous metals, reinforcing networks, beams, pipes, sheets
BE Group, UAB
5.6 km | T. Masiulio g. 18B (Petrašiūnai), Kaunas
metal trade, metal, metals, ferrous metals, steel, stinless steel, brass, copper, galvanized sheet iron, aluminum, aluminum, beams, metallic products, metal cutting, alloy steel, bars, steel products, aluminum products, seamless tubes, flanges
Irona, bendra Lietuvos-Rusijos UAB
7.6 km | Jovarų g. 10, Eigirgala, Kauno r.
Kagneta, UAB
7.7 km | A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 3 (Šančiai), Kaunas
Metal processing, metal grinding, metal, turning works, Metal processing, routing, metal, drilling, sheet steel, rolling, powder painting, processing of metal, turnery, rolling, bending, routing, CNC turning, hubs, shafts, flanges, structures from metal, stainless, steel products, metallic products, stamps, stamping, turnery, routing, welding, galvanic coverage, of plactics, plastic products, springs, door handles, handle
Karbonas, UAB
12.3 km | S. Lozoraičio g. 39, Garliava, Kauno r.
metal, steel, non-standard metal products, cutting of metal, routing, metal grinding, metal welding, welding, welding works, cuting, wash-up using laser, metal cutting, turnery, CNC turning, CNC routing, cuting, metal bending, black metal, stinless steel, aluminum, stone processing, brass, metal blanks, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, marble processing, granite processing, mechanical processing, painting of metal, plastic products, thermal processing of metals, metallic products, Metal processing, bending of metal, painting, painting of metal
9.2 km | Kalvarijos g. 13A (Aleksotas), Kaunas
metallic products, structures, metal fences, metal stairs/staircase, metal railings, gate
Almecha, UAB
56.4 km | Pramonės g. 6, Alytus
metallic products, structures, cast forms, stamps, moulds, turnery, grindering, stamping, Metal processing, wire, Cathodic, electro erosion, steel products, Copper, aluminum products, leveling of wire, wire cutting, welding, parts of equipment, plastic parts, metal machines/metal machinery, forming dies, electronic control, metal stamps/dies, conveyors, prams/pushchairs/strollers/buggies, industrial carts, metal grinding, cutting of metal, metal, metallic products, moulds, cutting of metal, metal grinding, welding of aluminum
New Cut Lt, UAB
56.1 km | Pievų g. 4, Alytus
metal, metallic products, welding, wash-up using laser, cutting of metal, structures from metal, stinless steel, Metal processing, zincification