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Vilma, AB

Žirmūnų g. 68 (Žirmūnai), 09124 Vilnius

(+370) 52472348    Email   

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(+370) 52472348
(00370) 52472349
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Edmundas Pigaga
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Vilma, AB

Vilma Electric- it is AB Vilma division for electric and telecommunication networks installation products wholesale and retail. Established in 2003.
It consist of:
-customer service centre, 500 sq.m,
-office, 200 sq.m,
-products stock, 300 sq.m.

Our slogan "Install professionally" reflects our strategic aim - to produce and supply for Lithuanian market all necessary products for buildings electric and telecommunication networks installations.
We use "cash&carry" method in our customer service centre and provide our clients with necessary product consultations.

Job offers

AB "VILMA" (Vilnius)
valid until 2017.10.07

Gamybos salės operatorius gaminių surinkimo ceche
AB "VILMA" (Vilnius)
valid until 2017.10.05

Šaltkalvis (-ė) - surinkėjas (-a)
AB "VILMA" (Vilnius)
valid until 2017.10.08