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Devold AMT UAB

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(8 41) 596363
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Devold AMT UAB

DEVOLD AMT is a leading supplier of multiaxial fiber reinforcements to the composites industry, specialising in supplying high-volume customers.
DEVOLD AMT Non Crimp Fabric (NCF) reinforcements are produced using multiaxial weft insertion technology, allowing us to produce single and multilayer reinforcement products that can be precisely tailored to your application. By the careful selection of fiber types, layer construction and stitching parameters we can place strength and stiffness where it is needed most and in the quantity that is required.
Our commitment to excellence and efficiency has made us a trusted partner for more than 25 years. All through the value chain from planning, raw material sourcing, lean production, effective logistics and reliable deliveries, DEVOLD AMT has implemented the highest standards to provide performance products with proven quality. DEVOLD AMT is headquartered in Norway. Our production facilities in Lithuania possess state-of-the-art technology to ensure cost-effective manufacturing of quality reinforcement fabrics. As a member of the SAERTEX GROUP, we will continue our commitment to being a trustworthy partner.
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