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Aivita, UAB

Svirbygalos g. 6 (Aleksotas), 46281 Kaunas
(+370) 37337641
Atsidarys rytoj 8.00
30 years of activity
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(+370) 37337641
(+370) 37337642
Ina Jašinskienė
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28 employees (insured)
Average wage
2224.88 € (2023 December) more information

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Wholesale trade, tools, ladder, skirting, paint, profiles, glasses.
Battery chargers, aluminium profiles, aluminium scaffolding, screwdriver tips, sprayer nozzles, kneepads, finishing strips, protection glasses, safety measures, chalk lines, supports, spare sawblades, spare blades, screwdrivers, screwdriver tips, car goods, furniture cushion, household ladder, household items, work clothes, work safety measures, work tools, painting tools, burners, tile laying equipment, boxes, toolboxes, small boxes, files, tool belts, fastening belts, discs, cutting discs, gas burners, gas tanks, gas burners, electric extension cords, electricity installation tools, electric pumps, electricity indicators, wrench tips, limiting tips, clamps, plastering trowels, tile cutting equipment, scrappers, drills, rakes, small rakes, floor joining profiles, skirting, floor decking, laminated floor laying equipment, levels, halogen lamps, flashlights, lamps, sealant pistols, oil pistols, pistols for the construction foam, nail guns, impregnators, sealing tapes, packaging tapes, tapes for the dangerous zones, isolation tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, clips, clip gun, hooks, chisels, corners for the wall finish, angles, branch cutting scissors, pistols for hot gluing, shovels, small shovels, trousers, equipment for pipe cutting, pickaxes, axes, hot glue, glue, glue capsules, rivet guns, shafts, sledgehammers, wire cutters, holders, varnishes, crowbars, lasers, rulers, adhesive tapes, soldering equipment, lots, sacks, measuring equipment, water level indicators, soldering materials, polishing materials, grinding materials, wood saws, small wood saws, metal saws, small metal saws, jack-planes, padding, packaging wire, roller changers, decking, scaffolding, knives, gloves, pistols, cutting tools, saws, hammers, plastic strips, plastic hooks, pneumatic tools, pneumatic joints, polyethylene sacks, waste bags, polishing materials, extension cords, finishing materials, grinding equipment, professional tools, flash lights, pulverisers, sprayers, wrenches, roller handles, handles for glass, tool sets, tip sets, wrench sets, pliers, measuring tapes, shears, tin plate shears, callipers, snow shovels, gardening goods, locks, clamps, brushes, lock cores, waste bags, grinding tools, scrubbing brushes, lamps, wallpapers, graters, gaskets, brushes, graters, fastening belts, veils, pots, wire, rollers, hoses, shears, vehicular goods, dumpy levels, small saws, construction, construction tools, lifts, disc saws, trays, crosses, pins, sponges, cutting circles, canisters, manometers, pumps, tappers, pencils, watering hoses, watering nozzles, lines, chimney cleaning equipment, magnifying glasses, brooms, flower pots, clamps, angles, micrometers, agro foils, mail boxes, ALOSS, ALTRAD, ASPRO, CIESZYNKA, CIRET, DEFORT, DEKORAL, DOMALUX, DREWNOCHRON, EFFECTOR, EUROSTYL, SMARTFLEX, FLO, FORTE, GAV, HARDY, YATO, INTER-S, IZZI, JUCO, KAUFMANN, LANSI, LEMAL, MAKO, MYCK, MIPA, MODECO, NEO TOOLS, PATROL, PEGGY PERFECT, PRANDI, RAPID, SCHEDPOL, SCLEY, SOLA, STANLEY, STHOR, STORCH, TOKO, TOOLS, TOP TOOLS, TOPEX, TOYA, TRIUSO, VERTO, VETO, VOLTA, VOREL, VOX, ZAPAN, ZIC ZAC detailed information