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Verkių g. 44, Namų apdailos centras UNIDECO (Žirmūnai), 09109 Vilnius
(+370) 52055266
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Konstruktorius Lt, UAB
0.7 km | Kalvarijų g. 151, PC "Hyper Norfa" (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
BOLIX, building, renovation, facades, paints, grounds, plasters, plaster, facade insulation, EJOT, mounting elements, studs, profiles, reinforcement net, paint for outdoor use, ARCO, blocks, bricks, silicate bricks, filler, facade paints, underlays, roofing, roofs, zincification, rockwool, mineral wool, insulation material, floor, estimates, repair in Vilnius
0.7 km | Kareivių g. 19 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
design of electricity, topographic measurements, topographical plans, geodetic measurements, cadastral measurements, land parcels measurements, formation of land parcels, boundary recovery, outdoor lighting, geodesy specialists, surveyors, geodesy, land management
Jung Vilnius, UAB
0.7 km | Žirmūnų g. 68 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
DALI, ZigBee, cinecamera, training centre
Vilma, AB
0.7 km | Žirmūnų g. 68 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
switch, switches, plug, sockets, Electrical Installation, electrical switches, electrical outlets, assembly boxes
1.9 km | Žalgirio g. 108 (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
computer nets, panels, surge arresters, panels, pipes, programmable controllers, Controllers, automatics, electrotechnics, installation materials, wires
Elmo technologijos, UAB
3.7 km | Vilniaus g. 31 (Senamiestis), Vilnius
luminaires, illuminator, lighting, design of lighting, outdoor lighting
Gaudrė, UAB
2.9 km | Ateities g. 10 (Verkiai), Vilnius
wholesale and retail trade, Sale of Scandinavian and Western European lighting equipment, luminaires, lamps, floor lamp: offices, accent, spotlights, of interior, industrial, of escape type, recessed in the ceiling, mounted to the ceiling, walls on rail, decorative, household, hermetic, dust and water resistant, for explosive premises, for floor premises, domestic, exterior, outside, street facade lighting, resistant to vandalism, low lights, light bulbs: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent (compact), mercury, of metal halogens, high-pressure discharge, electrical installation materials: multi-switches, cross, single, tripple, double, plug type, computer, telephone jacks, light controllers, thermo controllers, remote lightning, device control switch-receiver, adapter, radio wave transmitter, receiver, photoelectric switches, stairwell relays, motion sensors, Installation floor boxes, electric heaters with heating controllers, (with panel) operated using radio waves, programmed, convectors, hermetic, lighting interior, development, designers services, indoor lighting digital control system EIB, DALI, "intelligent house" system PVS, lighting, heaters, bathroom radiators, GLAMOX, RZB, BERKER, NERI, SYCVANIA, ITRE, MONDVAR, V-LUX, SONLUX, SCHMITZ - LEVCHTEN
Akustinių tyrimų centras, UAB
3.1 km | Kražių g. 21 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
acoustic, sound insulation, lighting, microclimate, consultations, certification, thermovision, energetic audit
Elektros taupymo sprendimai, UAB
2.2 km | Didlaukio g. 94-22 (Fabijoniškės), Vilnius
luminaires, lamps, spotlights, industrial, of escape type, mounted to the ceiling, of walls, household, hermetic, dust and water resistant, for explosive premises, for floor premises, exterior, outside, mercury, of metal halogens, high-pressure discharge, photoelectric switches, stairwell relays, halogen, development, DALI, lighting, adapters, industrial lighters, electrical installation works, lighting works, electrical repair, powder painting, design of lighting, design of lighting, lightening systems, lighting, LED, street lighting, PHILIPS
2.8 km | Ateities g. 10A, Vilnius
housings, industrial lighters, heating cables, thermostats, fire protection materials, fire protection panels, radiators, power supplies, power supplies, automatic swiches, gauges, thermometers, analysers, industrial computers, cables, reels, thermostats, nests
Tavira, filialas, UAB
5.5 km | Naugarduko g. 57 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
pools, pool, indoor pools, indoor pool, outdoor pools, outdoor pool, massage pools, massage pool, SPA pools, SPA pool, massage bath, massage baths, SPA bath, SPA baths, plastic pools, plastic pool, polypropylene pools, manufacturing of pools from plastic, manufacturing of pools from polypropylene, polypropylene pool, pool price, pool installation price, pools installation price, pools price, manufacturing of plastic pools, manufacturing of polypropylene pools, manufacturing of pools, manufacturing of containers, manufacturing of plastic containers, manufacturing of polypropylene containers, concrete pools, concrete pool, pools made of concrete, hydromassage pools, hydromassage pool, ECO pools, ECO pool, standing pools, standing pool, above ground pools, above ground pool, prefabricated pools, prefabricated pool, embedded pools, embedded pool, jacuzzi, jacuzi, jaccuzi whirlpool bath, whirlpool bath, whirlpool, pools maintenance, pool maintenance, pools disinfection, pool disinfection, pools cleaning, pool cleaning, pools washing, pool washing, water treatment, pools equipment, equipment for pools, pool equipment, pools equipment sale, pool equipment trade, pool coverings, pool covering, pool covers, pool cover, pools pavilions, pool cover systems, pools pavilion, underwater lighting, pool light, pool lights, pool waterproof material, pools membrane, pool membrane, pools material, pool material, pool filters, pool filter, quartz sand, filter filling, filter sand, pool pump, pool pumps, circulation pump, pools heating, pool heating, pool heaters, pool heater, pool heat exchangers, pool heat exchanger, pool heat pumps, pool heat pump, UV disinfection, UV disinfection lamp, UV disinfection lamps, UV lamps, uv lamp, massage pumps, massage pump, turbo jet, massage jet, air massage, water massage, pool nozzle, pool nozzles, pool ladders, ladders for pools, ladders for pool, pool grating, grating for pools, air blower, air blower for pool, pool air blower, compressor for pool, fan for pool, pool fan, dehumidifier, dehumidifiers, automatic dosing system, automatic dosing, dosing pump, dosing pumps, water level sensors, water level adjustment, water level control, water level sensor, solenoid valves, solenoid valve, chemical reagents, chemicals for pools, chemical substances for pools, pool chemical substances, chemicals for pool, chemical substances for pool, Chemoform pool chemicals, Chemoform pool chemical substances, Bayrol pool chemical substances Bayrol pool chemicals, water treatment equipment, chemicals, pool treatment equipment, reagents, algicide, flocculant, coagulant, chlorine for pools, quickly dissolving chlorine, slowly dissolving chlorine, PH adjustment, water purification, testing equipment, tester for pools, pool tester, testing tablets, testing strips, disinfection with oxygen, universal equipment for pool, universal equipment for pools, pool chemicals for winter, pool cleaning chemicals, fountains, fountain equipment, fountain installation, equipment for fountains, fountain maintenance, courtyard fountains, outdoor fountains, indoor fountains, floating fountains, musical fountains, dancing fountains, singing fountains, fountain compositions, decorative fountains, fountain nozzles, fountain parts, fountain pumps, fountain filters, fountain chemicals, fountain cleaning, fountain technology, pool covers, terraces covers and glued PVC pipes
5.9 km | Panerių g. 51 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
construction works, building, finishing works, reapiring works, environmental management, planting, terraces, summerhouses installation, land works, interior Design, structure design, lighting, electricity works, water drills, plumbing, radiators, plumbing, heating equipment, water supply pipes, automatics, geothermal heating, installation of canalization, electricity works, facade, facades, facade installation, roofs, Roofing, roof coating, floor concreting, floor installation, demolition works, plastering, stonework, concrete making, plastering, concrete works
Elmo technologijos, šviestuvų salonas, UAB
3 km | Ukmergės g. 220 (Šeškinė), Vilnius
luminaires, illuminator, lighting, design of lighting, outdoor lighting
NT sprendimų grupė, UAB
6.4 km | Šlaito g. 28-2, Vilnius
interior finish, finishing works, plumbing, montage of door, tiling, montage works
Energitechas, UAB
3.9 km | Laisvės pr. 105, 2 a. (Pašilaičiai), Vilnius
sun power stations, SHARP, PANASONIC, water filters, heat pumps, boilers, controllers, Wilo, accumulative tanks, antifreeze, propylene glycol, coolants/cooling fluids, renovation of apartment, alternative, onditioners, copper pipe, joints, bathrooms, geothermal heating, R410A freon, boilers: gas type, solid, liquid fuel, radiators, convectors, water drills, water filters, reverse osmosis, fireplaces, capsules, PV controllers, UPS baterries, inverters, wind power plants, LED lamps, luminaires, diodes, welding equipment, inverters, dust, particle, fertilizer, grain pumps, ventilation, recuperation, recuperators, ducts, pipes, diffusers, rotor, CNG gas), blowers, airblowers, vacuum pumps, dehumidifiers, receivers, plastic pipeline, montage, hydraulics, oil, nytrogen, oxygen generators, ventilated facades, rockwool, pontoon berths, bumkins, bridges, rafts, sailboards, diving equipment, air compressors
Viltesa, UAB
7.4 km | Savanorių pr. 124 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
adapter, diode, electrodes, electromagnet, generators, arrester, switches, cable, cutter, plug, plugs, condenser, contactor, holders, lamps, bulbs, soldering-iron, nests, feeding block, mixer, hose, perforator, gloves, hummer, spacer, profile, spotlights, relays, oil-seal, reels, rotor, counter, panel, starter motor, stator, rod, laminate, telephone, temperature Controller, tester, tube, engine protection, bolt, internal screw, fork, grinder, sodium, tin shears