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Augriva, UAB

Draugystės g. 4, Užlieknio k., 90106 Plungės r.
(+370) 61138610
26 years of activity

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(+370) 61138610
Augustinas Gaudėšius
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37 employees (insured)
Average wage
1019.83 € (2022 May) more information

Description of activities

Augriva is a cozy Plungiškės family business looking to create furniture that not only stylishly enriches and enliven the interior of any home but also provides comfort, practicality and an unparalleled family atmosphere for the home. UAB Augriva was founded in 1993, with a history-rich tradition in Plungė city. Augustine Gaudėšius, the current head of the company and one of its founders, believes that the family is the most important asset of humanity. Therefore, according to this idea, it has been producing and supplying furniture for more than two decades, exclusively adapted for families of different sizes.


Office furniture
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