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Elme Metall Lithuania, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB

Minijos g. 180, 92369 Klaipėda
(+370) 46483871
Atsidarys rytoj 8.00
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(+370) 46483871

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0 km | Minijos g. 180, Klaipėda
used partsd scrap-iron purchase of metal purchase of non-ferrous metal buying aluminium metal buying metal buying metal recycling metal recycling constructive waste
Sigromas, UAB
3.2 km | Šilutės pl. 107, Klaipėda
metal metallic products Metal processing metal structures metal railings gate gate Stairs/staircases fences post boxes advertising stands doors ladders ramps montage manufacturing...
Kalvita, filialas, UAB
3.4 km | Nidos g. 38-60, Klaipėda
smith works swinging gate manufacturing of gate rails balcony railings fences metal fences metallic products yard gates gate yard gates gate fences metal fences fence manufacturing of fences...
Santechprekyba, UAB
3.9 km | Svajonės g. 5, Klaipėda
plumbing plumbing goods Parts plumbing accessories/parts/fittings trade in plumbing supplies plumbing ceramics heating watter supply waste water sewerage crane valves damper pipes joints...
Budresta, MB
3.9 km | Svajonės g. 8, Klaipėda
RUUKKI Roofing tinning trimming works sheet metal flashing Roof coverings Roof covering tin roof covering roofing Roofing roof coating repair of roof facade installation tinning trimming works...
Skardvila, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
4.1 km | Dubysos g. 58, Klaipėda
Metal sheet products Profiled Sheets Flashings Rain Water System Weckman Traffic Dacowa Ranila chimneys roofing accesssories roofing roof membranes classic roof profile tile profiled sheet ventilation chimneys rainwater pipes...
Skardos meistrai, MB
4.2 km | Dubysos g. 68, Klaipėda
tinning trimming works tinning of chimneys bending of trim sheet metal flashing
Morionis, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
4.4 km | Dubysos g. 29, Klaipėda
grids Stairs/staircases stair treads fence poles fencing swinging gate gate facades copper aluminum brass stinless steel Roof coverings roofing nets...
Savingė, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
5.2 km | Sandėlių g. 28-2, Klaipėda
metallic products electrodes galvanized dishes galvanized bucket cast iron products paints time glue dissolvents impregnant grounds solvents Sealants antifreeze silicone acrylic...
Golgonda, UAB
8.1 km | Šilutės pl. 51, II a., 2 kab., Klaipėda
armoured door plastic windows plastic windows in Klaipėda windows doors manufacturing of doors trade of doors montage of door inner door exterior doors garage gate in Klaipėda roller blind manufacturing rollets protective shutters metallic products...
Stelmita, UAB
13.6 km | Gamyklos g. 25, Gargždai, Klaipėdos r.
manufacturing of parts Metal processing metal grinding metal welding metal bending transporters cutting of metal metal grinding
Midama, UAB
22.1 km | Antkopčio g. 2, Girininkų k., Klaipėdos r.
blacksmith works smith works fences sliding gate swinging gate gate rails summerhouses furniture nice roofs barbecue places gate fences fireplaces luminaires smith works...
Kalvita, UAB
26 km | 97148 Kretinga
smith works swinging gate manufacturing of gate rails balcony railings fences metal fences metallic products yard gates gate yard gates gate fences metal fences fence manufacturing of fences...
Pramasta, UAB
40.3 km | Elijos g. 29, Palanga
welding structures from metal welding of aluminum turning works stainless steel welding non-standard metal products bending of trim tin sheet metal flashing manufacturing of trim bending products trim products window sills ridges plumbers underfloor heating montage of water supply line...
Bliekorius, MB
50.5 km | Pramonės pr. 4i, Plungė
tin trim products roofs roofing metallic products processing of metal chimney liners
Plieno sprendimai, UAB
59.1 km | Alsėdžių g 8, Juodeikių k., Plungės r.
metallic products rails metal railings metal railing/handrails railing components handrail components metal stairs/staircase metal structures structures from metal stair constructions yard gates yard gates balcony railing/fencing yard fences yard fence metallic products...