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Komfovent, Klaipėdos skyrius, UAB

Dubysos g. 25, 91181 Klaipėda
(+370) 68593706
Atsidarys pirmadienį 8.00
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(+370) 68593706

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Nenutec LT, UAB
Rožių g. 65, Toliočių k., 76320 Šiaulių r.
 (+370) 65569693

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Dogas, Klaipėdos skyrius, UAB
0.1 km | Dubysos g. 23, Klaipėda
Electrical goods electronic equipment wires cables heating cables lightning protection grounding. Automatic swiches surge arresters switchboards transformers fuses pipes starters frequency converters accumulators ventilators...
Skardvila, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
0.1 km | Dubysos g. 58, Klaipėda
Metal sheet products Profiled Sheets Flashings Rain Water System Weckman Traffic Dacowa Ranila chimneys roofing accesssories roofing roof membranes classic roof profile tile profiled sheet ventilation chimneys rainwater pipes...
Visi kaminai, filialas, UAB
0.5 km | Dubysos g. 31, Klaipėda
chimneys shafts ducts recuperators stinless steel ceramics retail trade wholesale retail retail trade recuperator recuperators natural ventilation ventilation ventilation montage...
Prestėja, UAB
0.5 km | Dubysos g. 31, Klaipėda
bricks building blocks tiles of reinforced concrete products compounds tiles rainwater pipes plates blocks cement fundament block overlay beam...
Alinita, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
1.1 km | Šilutės pl. 27, Klaipėda
ventilation HVAC design modernization of ventilation heating heating systems installation of heating systems boilers heat points engineering systems watter supply waste water modernization of ventilation air conditioning montage of water supply line construction works development
Systemair, Klaipėdos pardavimų skyrius, UAB
1.6 km | Šilutės pl. 53, Klaipėda
ventilators ventilation devices grids diffusers air curtains convectors onditioners air conditioneers freezing heating heaters SPLIT ventilation equipment Controllers filters steam exctinguishers...
Kondventa LT, MB
1.6 km | Naujakiemio g. 19-35, Klaipėda
heat pumps air conditioneers recuperation aerial platforms for rent recuperators venting systems installation of venting systems ventilation ventilation air conditioning ventilation equipment air conditioning air conditioning systems conditioning systems conditioning heating systems...
Santechprekyba, UAB
1.8 km | Svajonės g. 5, Klaipėda
plumbing plumbing goods Parts plumbing accessories/parts/fittings trade in plumbing supplies plumbing ceramics heating watter supply waste water sewerage crane valves damper pipes joints...
Svajonių statyba, UAB
1.9 km | Šilutės pl. 56, Klaipėda
construction works Building Materials geothermal heating plumbing fittings heating systems Thermal insulation Thermal insulation of facades renovation environmental management development injection aluminum structures roofs matched roofs exterior doors inner door...
Vidara, Klaipėdos prekybos skyrius, UAB
1.9 km | Šilutės pl. 56, Klaipėda
roof facade skylights tin facade/exterior finishing bituminous covering tiles gutters roll-out covering trimming works roof covering Roofing roofs renovation mounts coverages slates...
Šilumeka, MB
2.5 km | Taikos pr. 94-35, Klaipėda
plumbing installation of venting systems boilers water supply systems venting systems plumbing watter supply ventilation boilers installation installation of boiler room laying of water supply montage of water supply line heat pumps
Rimesta, UAB
3.2 km | Sendvario g. 1, Sudmantų k., Klaipėdos r.
silicate blocks ceramic tiles ceramic roof tiles concrete tiles ventilation chimneys Ilais skylights Building Materials building materials store clinker clinker bricks clinker bricks bricks tiles blocks finishing bricks...
KLP stogai, MB
3.3 km | Liepų g. 64, Klaipėda
roof coating roof works ceramic roof tiles concrete tiles Roof coverings roof covering Roof covering trapezoidal profiles manufacturing of trim bending products sheet metal flashing film roofs walls tin price of the roof shingles imitation...
Ausjula, UAB
45.8 km | Ąžuolų g. 11, Prūsalių k., Plungės r.
alarms fire alarms fire protection fire prevention nets electrical development electrical electricity automatics engineering systems development automatics development development heating automatics...
Plungės lagūna, UAB
48.3 km | Plungės g. 28, Rietavas
construction works construction of engineering networks development
Šilumeka, filialas, MB
49.2 km | Pušyno g. 26, Juodupėnų k., Kretingos r.
plumbing installation of venting systems boilers water supply systems venting systems plumbing watter supply ventilation boilers installation installation of boiler room laying of water supply montage of water supply line heat pumps