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Guradis, UAB

Kareivių g. 6-304 (Žirmūnai), 09117 Vilnius
(+370) 52760944
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(+370) 52760944
Marius Gudaitis
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TECE Baltikum, UAB, gamyklinės produkcijos ekspozicija ir informacinis centras Baltijos regionui
0.8 km | Verkių g. 34B (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
watter supply, heating, underfloor heating, tops, Fittings, wholesale and retail trade, water supply pipelines, heating pipelines, plastic pipes, couplings, retail trade, pipe, pipes, pipelines, plastic, protective, watter supply, waste water, system, of systems, insulated, water, for water, watter supply, underfloor heating, underfloor heating, underfloor heating, heating systems, plastic pipelines, effective heating, plug, caps, logo, FLEX, Profil, trident, elbow, collector
2 km | Žalgirio g. 88-805 (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
sport sites, Sanitizing, site, environment, environmental management, environment management, planting, pools, general constructional works, concrete making, concrete works, concrete products, external paving, drainage, drainage installation, excavators, excavator, rent of excavators, formation, civil works, Sanitizing, bored fundament, paving blocks, demolition, primer, individual orders, construction of engineering networks, unloading, unloading, installation, mold, digging, road, shoulder, watering systems, rainwater drainage, ironing, manipulator, reclamation, reclamation works, montage, masonry work, waste water, park, transportation, cuting, laying tiles, maintenance, development, design works, digging of ponds, contract works, road, street, site, pavement, reconstruction, repairs, fence, concrete making, laying, bar, cover, gravel, rubble, yard, lawn, watering, wetting, environmental management, environment management, Sanitizing, installation
Baltic system, UAB
2 km | Žalgirio g. 88A (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
production of heat, ventilation, air conditioning, consulting, installation of venting systems, adjustment, technical observe, watter supply, design of waste systems, design of heating systems, installation of heating systems, solar collectors
2.1 km | Linkmenų g. 28 (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
Certification, assessment of constancy of performance of the construction product, factory production control inspection and evaluation services
Preparation of European and national technical assessments of construction products
Certification of specialists and recognition of the right, certification of construction companies
Certification of expert of energy efficiency of buildings and certificates registration of energy performance for buildings
Design software for building energy efficiency, training
Small (up to 50 PT) waste water treatment systems testing according to EN 12566-1, EN 12566-3, EN 12566-6, EN 12566-7 standards
Construction products testing laboratory
Consultation on construction issues
Consultation on architectural, structural issues
Designing of structures, architects
Designing of engineering systems
Digital construction
Energy-efficient buildings
Environmental protection
Estimations, work prices
Expert examination of buildings and projects
Information for construction
Power certification of buildings
Renewable energy sources
Research works, certification
Specialized, periodical publications, methodical technical literature
Technical supervision of construction works
Training, professional development
Waste water plant
Termoblokeliai, filialas, UAB
3.6 km | J. Savickio g. 4 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
house building, construction works, pasive houses, outdoor finish, insulation works, Thermal insulation of facades, roof insulation, insulation of walls, facade finish, interior finish, plastering, plastering works, luting, painting, painting works, wall painting, painted facades, tiling, masonry work, stonework, floor installation, construction of engineering networks, engineering nets, road building, road construction, paving laying, montage of water supply line, wastewater treatment plant, drilling works, drilling of holes, blocks
Statovita, UAB
4.6 km | Mokslininkų g. 11 (Verkiai), Vilnius
JSC Statovita was established in 1997. The company specializes on installation of drinking water, sewerage, storm water networks, waste water treatment plant, water treatment facilities and related facilities. The average of the current asset in the last three years was 21 658 675 Lt. Long - time experience, competence of specialists, high skills and renewed technical base allow to perform the high quality different pipe diameter installation works. Implementation of complex works includes the design of all required project approval works, consultancy services during the elaboration of the most expedient and cost effective solution, and the site reinstatement after the completion of construction works.
JSC Statovita is certified by the indepent state enterprise Certification centre of Construction products which has a right to carry out partial construction works. Certificate No. 1479 valid untill 15 th of February 2013.:
Main implemented projects:
Modernization of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Vilnius, Lithuania – about 5000 m of reinforced concrete (1998-2005). Capacity of waste water treatment plant is 280 000 m /day.
The new Waste Water Treatment Plant in Svencioneliai, Lithuania (2006-2008). Capacity of waste water treatment plant is 1440 m /day.
Construction work of Water treatment facilities in Antaviliai, Lithuania (2001-2002). Capacity of water treatment facilities is 60 000 m /day.
Construction work of Water treatment facilities in Tupatiskes, Lithuania (2004-2006). Capacity of water treatment facilities is 12 000 m /day.
Rehabilitation of existing drinking water pipelines (diameter 50-800 mm) by cement mortar lining and other methods – 49,4 km in Vilnius, Lithuania (2005-2007).
“DFDS transport” logistics terminal in Vilnius, Lithuania. Installation of drinking water, sewerage, storm water pipelines – 5536 m. Installation of Oil separators (2 units) - capacity 70 l/s and 10 l/s.
Modernization of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Railway Station-Vilnius, Lithuania. Capacity – 108 m /h. (2008-2009).
Water treatment facilities in Trakai, Lithuania (2008-2010). Capacity of water treatment facilities is 2 800 m /day.
Development of water supply and wastewater infrastructure in Balsiai, Vilnius, Lithuania – 9,67 km.(2009).
Reconstruction work of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Šalčininkai - Capacity of waste water treatment plant is 1800 m /day. (2009-2010 m).
Reconstruction work of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Ukmergė - Capacity of waste water treatment plant is 9000 m /day. (2010-2011 m).
Statovita has recently signed an agreement “ The reconstruction of the Water treatment facilities in Ukmerge” with the administration of the Ukmerge District Municipality and has already started the implementation of the project. The value of the project is LTL 4 290 205, capacity of water treatment facilities is 2700 m /day.
The company employes are qualified and experienced specialists in a variety of fields. Company has modern machinery, car and supplementary equipment park. All above mentioned items together with the long term experience enable to perform works with a high quality and rapidly; in such a way the most technically optimal solutions and methods help to implement construction works.
The high quality control and culture work level is guaranteed implementing the quality management (ISO 9001:2001; ISO 14001:2005; OHSAS 18001:2007; SA 8000:2008).
6.3 km | Panerių g. 51 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
construction works, building, finishing works, reapiring works, environmental management, planting, terraces, summerhouses installation, land works, interior Design, structure design, lighting, electricity works, water drills, plumbing, radiators, plumbing, heating equipment, water supply pipes, automatics, geothermal heating, installation of canalization, electricity works, facade, facades, facade installation, roofs, Roofing, roof coating, floor concreting, floor installation, demolition works, plastering, stonework, concrete making, plastering, concrete works
Švaistė, UAB
9.4 km | Metalo g. 13B (Naujininkai), Vilnius
wastewater treatment plant, production from polypropylene, water supply, water treatment, oil traps, fat traps, ducts, treatment plants, wastewater treatment plant, waste water systems, waste treatment
ISI Baltic, UAB
6.8 km | Kuršių g. 2 (Naujininkai), Vilnius
venting systems, geothermal, gas, solid, liquid fuel boilers, boilers installation, solid fuel, wells drilling, development, heated floor, ventilation, ventilation, plumbing, water supply, wastewater treatment plant, air conditioning, onditioners, heating equipment, water filters, water, geothermal boreholes
Orsvima, UAB
4.2 km | Žemynos g. 30-7, Vilnius
air conditioning systems, venting systems, installation of heating systems, heating systems, watter supply, waste water systems, grids, ventilators, air conditioning, air conditioneers, heating, pipelines, radiators, convectors, plumbing, sewage pipelines, pumps
7 km | Savanorių pr. 65A (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
finishing, reapiring works, facades, facade finish, demolition works, stonework, plastering, concrete making, house building, fundament, restxcoration, plumbing, construction works, roof coating, Thermal insulation, technical insulation, land works, security systems, alarms, electricity works, wastewater treatment plant, installation of canalization, heating systems, engineering systems, geodetic measurements, electrical
Duventa, Vilniaus skyrius, UAB
4.8 km | Viršuliškių g. 34 (Viršuliškės), Vilnius
engineering systems, waste water systems, heating systems, installation of heating systems, installation of venting systems, repairs, building
Baltoji Vokė, UAB
9.5 km | Sausupio g. 15, Vilnius
engineering nets, electricity works, electrical installation works, conditioning systems, ventilation, ventilation systems, heating systems, installation of heating systems, ventilation, installation of venting systems
Liaras, UAB
5.4 km | Taikos g. 111-11 (Justiniškės), Vilnius
construction works, heating systems, heating repair, montage of water supply line, pipes, heating point, building, repairs, boilers, plumbing, heating, steel pipes, heating equipment, heating networks, wastewater networks, treatment plants, pump stations
Geoazis, UAB
8.1 km | Mokyklos g. 1B, Bukiškio k., Vilniaus r.
drills, water drills, watter supply, geothermal boreholes, geothermal heating, boiler house, sewerage, installation of drainage, underfloor heating, installation of boiler room
Rotresta, UAB
15.1 km | Kazbėjų g. 19 (Paneriai), Vilnius
cranes, lifting equipment, road construction machinery, haulers, excavators, MINI, excavators, elevators, installation, engineering, communications, trenchless technologies, land works, ponds, construction works, wastewater treatment, devices, sewerage, watter supply, poles drilling, installation of foundations, plucking, roads, soil excavation, ironing, installation, montage, brickwork, concrete making, demolition works, snow removal