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Vudesta, UAB

Dariaus ir Girėno g. 47A, Seda, 89383 Mažeikių r.
(+370) 62043559
16 years of activity

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(+370) 62043559
Andželika Abrutytė
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36 employees (insured)
Average wage
2140.46 € (2022 May) more information

Description of activities

JSC VUDESTA is a wooden window and door manufacturer, established in 2005. The company has accumulated more than 10 years of production experience and has a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Our main activities are designing and manufacture of European and Scandinavian type wooden and aluminium-reinforced wooden windows, doors, sliding systems and other constructions.

Since the very beginning of its activities, the company has focused on the export of its products and this goal has remained important to this day. Each year we export more then 90% of our production – windows and doors. Our products are already sold in most European countries, however currently our main export markets are in Scandinavia : Norway, Denmark and Sweden. In these countries we have established the most reliable business relations with local construction companies.

JSC VUDESTA offers only high quality products, which the company is able to adapt to various unique requests of its customers . Precisely and professionally manufactured window profiles block moisture and contaminants and the installed rubber gaskets protect against wind, reduces noise and heat loss. European type windows are reinforced with German ROTO FRANK AG system's fittings that enable to open the window in several ways. In our Scandinavian windows, we use high-quality IPA, ASSA ABLOY and PN UNI products that have certificates and declarations of compliance.JSC VUDESTA products are continuously improved in order to meet all the EU standards. We have installed quality and environmental management systems according to LST EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008), LST EN ISO 14001:2005 (ISO 14001:2004) standards. All members of our team have a common purpose – to ensure the manufacture of high quality products and to deliver them to the customer on time.



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